Namaste… Hallema Sharif’s Yoga and Humanity!

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While there are more than just a few physical benefits of yoga, the benefit for how it helps a person manage stress, which has been known to have devastating effects on the body and mind, is typically the most sought after advantage. Most yoga sessions are… more

Fitness Challenges

A Quick Intro Into Getting The Best Body. – By Sunni Ewing

Sunni Ewing Winning

As a mother or wife, women put everything first before their health. Whether its children, marriage or career we usually invest in ourselves last. As we get older our bodies go through… more

Markiell’s story (@calidreamfitness on IG)


I would like help in spreading a positive message about the importance of health, fitness and physical activity especially in the black community. Here is my story. “I have been overweight my… more

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HimPower Magazine™ “Change the World Faith Walks!”

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Join the HimPower Magazine Yearly Subscription And Help Black Women Do Workout Change The World! Learn why small and minority businesses are leading the way in global expansion, how one woman started… more

Melody’s (IG @melmechelle) Weight Gain!


 “Everyone’s fitness journey isn’t the same. We all have goals! This is to inspire those who have difficulties with gaining and maintaining weight because we work hard too!! In the pic on… more

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Chipotle Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Tush-Ups by Alonus Fitness Wear

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Alonus Fitness Wear is an athletic apparel company providing eco-friendly, high-quality clothing patent pending designs that are specifically designed to inspire women to live happier, healthier and active lifestyles. Alonus Wear’s “Tush… more


black woman lifting

Should you lift? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top Reason to lift according to include: 1. MORE EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS – After a heavy bought of strength training, you continue to consume additional oxygen in… more

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